An unfortunate statistic that ends of the dream of happily-ever-after is that 40 percent marriages end in divorce and many other common-law relationships end in break-up as well.

Failed relationships can bring a lot of stress and one stressful aspect of the relationship breakdown can be splitting up the assets owned, shared or acquired by the two persons involved.

Where it is possible, reaching an amicable settlement on the division of personal assets will save time, heartache and likely money. Getting an inventory of all these assets is an important first step.

SafeList offers asset inventory services and a process for couples who may not have the time or inclination to work it out entirely among themselves.

Getting the division of assets down to a bare minimum on any potentially disputed assets can go a long way to saving you on the costs of the legal system having to determine who gets what?

Starting out in a marriage, few people want to think about an exit strategy. Unfortunately, four of 10 couples need one.

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Fire & Natural Disasters

House flood
When a fire or a natural disaster strikes, making a record of everything you've lost is usually a stressful and time consuming process. SafeList will keep you prepared in advance, reduce your stress and speed up your claim process.

Estate Planning

estate planning
Having a plan for family members to sort out your personal belongings can reduce their stress when grieving a lost loved one. SafeList can help you with a practical and more personal approach to estate planning.

Moving & Downsizing

moving downsizing
The average person moves about 10 times in their lifetime. With each move their is potential for loss, theft or damage. Having an up-to-date record of what you own can protect you through a lifetime of mobility.

Theft Protection

theft protection
Police recommend people record serial and model numbers of their expensive electronics to help them recovery stolen items. SafeList takes your inventory protection to another level, including other valuable items in your home such as jewelry, collectibles, antiques or expensive artwork.

preNuPtials & Divorce

Splitting up joint belongings can be stressful when a marriage or common-law relationship falls apart, especially if communication between the partners is strained. SafeList provides solutions and a process to reduce the stress and potentially reduce legal fees.

Business Assets


Most businesses maintain a careful inventory of products they sell. However, some overlook having an up-to-date record of their business equipment and other non-monetary business assets. Such a record protects against theft and is very useful if a business is being sold or divided.


Having a record of your belongings is recommended by insurance companies,
firefighters, police, attorneys, financial planners and other professionals