An unfortunate statistic that ends of the dream of happily-ever-after is that 40 percent marriages end in divorce and many other common-law relationships end in break-up as well.

Failed relationships can bring a lot of stress and one stressful aspect of the relationship breakdown can be splitting up the assets owned, shared or acquired by the two persons involved.

Where it is possible, reaching an amicable settlement on the division of personal assets will save time, heartache and likely money. Getting an inventory of all these assets is an important first step.

SafeList offers asset inventory services and a process for couples who may not have the time or inclination to work it out entirely among themselves.

Getting the division of assets down to a bare minimum on any potentially disputed assets can go a long way to saving you on the costs of the legal system having to determine who gets what?

Starting out in a marriage, few people want to think about an exit strategy. Unfortunately, four of 10 couples need one.



The dividing of business assets when leaving a business partnership, a martial or common-law relationship can be complex and should be carefully thought out and planned.

If you are ending a business partnership with others that don't involve your spouse, you will inevitably need to know what the business assets are, what its liabilities are and the value difference between the two. Getting all your business assets inventoried is one of your first steps.

If you are ending or splitting up a business with your spouse, you will need to know the same calculation, but also what the legal ramifications are, which can vary by province and by how invested your spouse is in the business or wants to be moving forward.

Getting the proper legal, business and tax advice will go a long way in helping you make wise decisions about your business.

Having an inventory of your non-monetary business assets, though, is one area where SafeList can help you sort out an important aspect of your business transition.

Do You Know About Crime Mapping?

​SafeList will record important serial and model numbers as part of your home inventory.

Halifax police app shows theft targeted areas 

Did you know you can go to Halifax.ca and search "crime mapping" to launch a crime app that shows you areas in Halifax Regional Municipality hit by crimes. The app lets you choose where various types of crimes, such as, break-and-enters, vehicle thefts, robberies and assaults have taken place. 

This can alert you to avoid being a victim of a crime, possibly while you are away or just unsuspecting. There are a variety of measures you can take to help prevent theft from your home or vehicle. These include security systems, having your property well lit and having neighbours keep an eye on things while you are away. 

Another helpful protection is having a home inventory of your personal belongings, so that if something does get stolen, you have a better chance of recovering it. Police tools are available for searching recorded data on stolen items. Furthermore, thieves may be able to bypass security systems or you may simply forget to alarm your property.

Directing Special Items to Loved Ones

A home inventory can be customized so that you can assign items to specific beneficiaries.

Make your Estate Planning thoughtful 

​When it comes to Estate Planning, most of the focus and attention is given to big ticket items, such as, a home, a cottage or financial investments. However, all of your personal effects, your furnishings, artwork, decor and many other items are what make a home feel like a home. And often, it is the personal belongings that have the most sentimental value attached to them. 

In distributing personal belongings, a home inventory is a great way to leave behind specific items, such as, jewelry, artwork, antiques, collectables or any item of sentimental value to a family member or dear friend - something for them to remind them of you.

At SafeList, we record for you items you wish to leave behind for assigned beneficiaries by simply customizing your existing home inventory. This is just one of the many practical uses of a home inventory. In addition, we give you practical advice on how to discuss this portion of your estate planning with family members. Your customized home inventory estate planning document can also be passed on to your legal representative as part of the planning of your will.

Track Your Every Move

SafeList can verify your inventory at the time of your move so you can track anything that might be lost or damaged.

Moving as stress-free as possible

While the internet is full of horror stories about moving, Halifax does have quite a few reliable and professional movers to help you get your belongings to your new home in a responsible manner.

Nevertheless, there are a few things your can do to make your move as stress-free as possible:

1. Ask friends for a referral to a moving company they respect.

Friends can give you an honest evaluation about their movers and tell you about their moving experience, but get more than one referral as you will still want to compare prices, check their availability and compare their moving services.

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Global Warming Increasing Forest Fire Risks

Global warming is increasing forest fire risks, with costs of fighting fires expected to double in Canada by 2040

Are you prepared?

​The affects of Global Warming are expected to increase wildfires in Canada by at least 15 per cent, per year, resulting in a doubling of the country's forest fire fighting expenditures over the next two decades, according to the federal Department of Natural Resources.

Controlling forest fires has cost Canada anywhere from $500 million to $1 billion per year, and that costs has been been rising since 1970 by about $120 million per decade.

Fire & Natural Disasters

House flood
When a fire or a natural disaster strikes, making a record of everything you've lost is usually a stressful and time consuming process. SafeList will keep you prepared in advance, reduce your stress and speed up your claim process.

Estate Planning

estate planning
Having a plan for family members to sort out your personal belongings can reduce their stress when grieving a lost loved one. SafeList can help you with a practical and more personal approach to estate planning.

Moving & Downsizing

moving downsizing
The average person moves about 10 times in their lifetime. With each move their is potential for loss, theft or damage. Having an up-to-date record of what you own can protect you through a lifetime of mobility.

Theft Protection

theft protection
Police recommend people record serial and model numbers of their expensive electronics to help them recovery stolen items. SafeList takes your inventory protection to another level, including other valuable items in your home such as jewelry, collectibles, antiques or expensive artwork.

preNuPtials & Divorce

Splitting up joint belongings can be stressful when a marriage or common-law relationship falls apart, especially if communication between the partners is strained. SafeList provides solutions and a process to reduce the stress and potentially reduce legal fees.

Business Assets


Most businesses maintain a careful inventory of products they sell. However, some overlook having an up-to-date record of their business equipment and other non-monetary business assets. Such a record protects against theft and is very useful if a business is being sold or divided.


Having a record of your belongings is recommended by insurance companies,
firefighters, police, attorneys, financial planners and other professionals